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Domain Pointing or DNS Changes

Domain Pointing or DNS Changes - Annually

Domain Pointing is the process of redirecting additional domains to your primary domain.
These additional domains can serve several purposes. They can be used to increase your website's search engine ranking by choosing domains that include import keywords website. Many domain owners also register and point additional top-level domains (.net, .org, .biz, .info) to their primary .com domain to assure that their competitors do not hijack their website idea. This service is a very economical method for increasing your chances of being found in this competitive Internet market.

Make sure that your and com domains point to the same place with this service. We also allow DNS changes with the service should you not have an active hosting account.

* Please note that this does not include domain registration. For domain registration costs please refer to our domain registration prices.

Local Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP Address

Each domain or a subdomain in your web hosting account uses, by default, the shared IP of the hosting server. Usually this would be sufficient and you would not need a dedicated IP for your domain(s).

The fact that your domains and subdomains use a shared IP does not affect their functionality in any negative way and the only side-effect is that you would not be able to access your website(s) by entering the IP in your browser’s address bar. But after all, we have domains so that we don’t have to remember IPs, so why would you need to be able to access your website using the IP anyway?

A scenario when a dedicated IP is not only useful but mandatory is when you want to activate SSL for your domain. To be able to install an SSL certificate for your domain you need a dedicated IP.

You can acquire a dedicated IP as an upgrade, as it is not included by default in any of HostCow's premium hosting plans.