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  • 6Scan Sees Surge of Malicious Attempts During WordPress Attack.
  • Google Apps Recovers Minor Outage Impacting Gmail, Google Drive.
  • DDoS Defacement Attacks Targeting ISPs on the Rise.
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Welcome to Hostcow

You may be asking: “Why Hostcow?” This seems to be a frequently asked question, as there are so many hosting companies out there. Hostcow has been designed to give you a different alternative to web hosting. We have researched the market and found a lot of technical babble that overshadowed hidden clauses and costs and decided to cut the cud and get straight to the point.

Awesome web hosting plans with NO BULL. Simple, easy and affordable.

Hostcow was born from the idea that we wanted to make having a website easy to own, easy to use and most importantly, to provide real business value. Without a web presence your business gets lost in a field of directories. Consumers have learnt to use the internet to their advantage, why not same.

Like Hostcow, our hosting plans are a different breed. To enable you to get your personal and business websites, whether it be e-commerce or otherwise, on the net, we have created various hosting solutions to tailor to your specific needs:

  • Skinny Cow - You can host 2 Websites
  • Fat Cow - You can host 4 Websites
  • Mad Cow -  You can host 8 Websites

  • Mini Cow - You can host 2 Websites
  • Half Cow - You can host 4 Websites
  • Full Cow - Unlimited Domain Hosting (Terms and Conditions apply)

  • We're glad to help you. 
    Please email or call us on: 

    Contact Details:

    Support Department - support[at]hostcow.co.za

    Accounts Department - accounts[at]hostcow.co.za 

    If you have any questions or would like to milk these offers for all they are worth, our friendly MooCrew, who are dedicated to brilliant customer service, is available. Feel free to submit a ticket - http://www.hostcow.co.za/submitticket.php


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